3 Incredible Benefits Of The Blockchain Technology

The way we see the financial transactions has inarguably altered after the intervention of the powerful Blockchain Technology, which is credited as the source of ‘trusted transactions’ by experts like Ginni Rometty, the CEO of IBM. Although Blockchain technology is popularly known for the birth of cryptocurrency, its power aka benefits doesn’t end there! There is more to it than enters the ears, which we are here to discover, from these 3 amazing benefits offered by it!

Driverless Cars

Driverless cars aka self-driving cars are nothing new to the world, as popular models like Tesla, already remains the talk of the town! But, legally, making use of these self-driving cars is impossible without a sober human driver behind the wheel, at least the case in the majority of the countries because there are lot many challenges associated with the autonomous driving practice. One main challenge is the cybersecurity, which is yet to be achieved 100%, even in this technological era that offers ample chances for the hackers to drive your self-driving car into the ditch. But, with the near-impregnable security of the Blockchain technology, experts like Kyle Therriault, Executive VP, AA Garage is optimistic about the availability of the un-hackable self-driving cars in the near future, which means our driving ways are going to be super smart and super secured, undoubtedly!

Digital Advertising

Sure, the digital advertising method has favored the marketing industry and the associated individuals but, not without causing pathetic troubles like fraudulent domains, lack of transparency, uncompetitive payment models and so on that disrupts the growth of the publishers and the advertisers involved, unfortunately!Now, with the powerful Blockchain technology, not only the security also, the transparency is assured that can allow these affected parties to enjoy the wholesome benefits. Yes, if the trouble-causing players are removed from the model only the good ones thrive which also led to the appreciable growth of the industry!


Whether the nation is a developed one or a developing one, the battle against the fraudulent voting activities during the election is a universal problem, which has to be checked permanently for the welfare of the society. What cannot be achieved using the stringent laws can now be, fortunately, achieved using the Blockchain technology, whose security can curb the tampering of votes and involvement of corruption money, successfully! In fact, The Russian government is keen to use this technique in their local elections, for which the pilot system is all ready and available!